Friday, May 25, 2012

in case you were wondering. I'm Awesome.
Or so i tell myself.

Its Friday night and I am doing nothing short of nothing. did you follow that?

Don't worry, as much as I believe that I should be wearing a huge fat sign on my forehead that says:
I have realized that the EFY-ers (i know, they've already returned, i'm slightly more than peeved), my mom, and my sisters with children have way cooler lives then me right now. And get this....I asked about 13 different people to "hang out with me."

Here are the poll results....
39%=Said they had plans
48%=Never responded
27.4&=Said no

come on people....i even put deodarant on today....why wouldn't you want to hang out with me! Seriously, i am having to fight birds away from my picnic table because they are trying to eat my trail mix. swear.

whatevs. go have a fun life everyone....i'm going to go write my family history. BE JEALOUS. thats what i thought. 


  1. Emily, we need to see each other soon! I feel the same way about my boring life.... If I were there, I would have responded YES!!! :)

  2. I don't know, maybe this will just make you feel worse, since I am an old married woman, but I would've LOVED to hang out with you tonight!

  3. I wish we could hang out. I'm about to make myself a root beer float, ya want one?

  4. I'm sorry, Emily. That's no fun. Way to be for trying to being social!


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