Saturday, February 18, 2012

tales from the sick bed

i wanted you to know something. first. i've used the equivalent of 1 roll of toilet paper, just to blow my nose. don't believe me? i'll get you photographic evidence. (but naturally, for the good of all man kind, i left it off this site for all y'alls sake.) second. someone please just stick a freakin catheter in my body. I go to the bathroom every half-an-hour. so be grateful you are talking normally, breathing normally, walking normally, doing anything normally--because i can't wait until that day comes. The day i'm finally over this bronchitis*, i'm going to run for joy, i'm probably going to kiss the first boy i see, i'll probably learn another language, and i'll probably not go the bathroom for 1 whole day. glorious indeed.

i've missed some school, unfortunately....which really sucks but luckily my TA's were extra considerate and giving me a few extra days for everything. i swear that doctors note is the equivalent of willy wonka's golden ticket! **

the second thing you should that hulu and youtube have been all too good for me in my time of sickness. i am beginning to fully embrace that inner child at heart in me. (for example: full house episodes on youtube...and then watching 2 Mary-Kate and Ashley videos on youtube.) i know. i know. please don't judge me. but who doesn't live the olsen twins at age 8!

thirdly, this was a scenario that went through my mind earlier today: "honey-flavored greek yogurt, meet Emily. Emily, meet greek yogurt, your tastes-buds new best friend." I'll speak for my taste-buds....that they [taste-buds] have never been happier. pretty sure all those calories are worth it.

p.s. for histories sake, I finally saw James "chummy" Ricker in the MTC. We are womb-friends. So its only natural that i made sure we got to chat for a minute.

*I went to byu's student health center for urgent care--and they gave me meds and stuff....but not even a sticker or anything. Bummer city. (p.s. thanks Crismon for the ride!)

**On the matter of missing school, mom texted me TODAY (its a Saturday) to see if i was feeling better, i responded, "ugh." and she responded, "did you miss school" at first i thought she was kidding but i responed, "mom, its saturday." #facepalm


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! Even in your moments of near-death you are still so hilarious! I love the #facepalm at the end (even though I still don't understand it) And yes, go ahead and kiss the next boy you see after you are better because that will make for a fabulous future blog post in the making.

    1. after re-reading my comment I meant to say I don't understand the hash tag stuff even though I did get the #facepalm....if that even makes sense :)

  2. MEREDITH! how do you not get the hash tag! we've discussed this over and over again the hotel in vegas!

  3. Sorry you are sick-that is never fun. Being pregnant you have to go about every half an hour so you have that to look forward to. :) Get better soon!

  4. I am SO sad for you. I am glad your taste buds have found, and love honey flavored greek yogurt. Also, how cool that you Elder Ricker.


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