Monday, February 20, 2012

the anatomy of a cell [phone]

in case you thought you were in for a biology lesson, no need to fear, i promise, this isn't anything like biology. rather, we will be dissecting emily's prone and inevitable ability to break phones in a matter of 8 months or so. some call it a disease. i call it a talent.

1st phone: received as a sophomore. lasted a few years and then i gave to my mom. I hated it so much i threw it against the walls and it never broke--that was seriously the most durable piece of machinery there was. 

2nd phone: not pictured (thats because its so old--no one uses it anymore!) but it was t-mobile samsung that I actually loved. my friend also gave it to me. 

3rd: the same friend gave me this phone. it worked until i got here to provo and it just hung up on every call i was on and was being stupid. it now resides in the garbage. 

4th: bought from Wal-Mart a day before college started. it worked fine until my friend dropped it in water. 

5th: i went home between Summer and Fall terms and found this phone in a desk that was used back when i was in middle school. there was a reason no one was using it anymore...but i did so i wouldn't have to buy a new one. unfortunately this only lasted a few months since i dropped it so many times that over thanksgiving break it literally broke into 2 pieces. (don't remember...i'll remind you)

6th: i got that one in Oregon and thought it worked great until 1 week later and it starts shutting off for no reason. i was soooo ticked. my social life and friends decreased substantially when that occurred. which i suppose isn't saying alot since my social life was at a plateau at that point. 

7th: not pictured--i got this one from my sister Ondalynn over Christmas break who had used it for a few years--but still in excellent condition, besides the water damage. you big deal. one day the audio just stopped working so people would call me, and i would just say to them, "i know you can hear me, but i can't hear you, so if you need to talk to me, send me a text. thanks, bye." people made fun of me for weeks. the only other solution was to put the person on speakerphone--which was rather weird when i would walk around the grocery store or wait at the bus stop---EVERYONE heard my phone calls. 

8th: bought it off craigslist and so far so good. Knock on wood! :)


  1. I feel you, my friend. My cell phones have been drowned, run over, eaten by dogs, and even microwaved (That was just the right series of VERY unfortunate events). Actually the one I have now is a Blackberry and so far so good, so maybe that's the type of phone that suits people like us. You know. Destroying monsters.

  2. So glad my old cell made it on one of your blogs. I feel privileged. But truthfully I'm so glad that you have a new phone that will only help your social life rather than hinder it :) Also, so happy to hear your feeling better! Sorry you were so sick. I would've made you my best chicken noodle soup and rushed it over to you if I could. BTW: the kids loved your valentine you sent. Thanks so much for thinking of them! Love ya!

  3. Don't you love being the youngest child. You get all the hand-me down, down,down,down cell phones!

  4. Glad to hear about the lives of each of your cell phones. :)


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