Sunday, February 5, 2012

super (not bowl) Sunday

first of all...i apologize. i feel like alot of my posts have been pretty negative and depressing. i just want to say, I want to change that, and i truly have appreciated all your comments of help and advice.
although, i don't want to pretend to be pollyanna all the time and act as if sometimes life doesn't suck--but i'll just do my best from expressing it on the blog---because that just gets annoying.

today was a super sunday. and not the bowl kind. (ha, i crack myself up).
it was fast sunday, which i always remember my mom saying it was her absolute favorite day, and i never figured out why, until now, i see why. its becoming one of my favorite days too.

the nice thing about having the apt. to myself is i'm able to concentrate on my scripture study, without distractions. i love discovering new gems in the gospel and its a reaffirmation how much I love this gospel. I could tell you things that really impressed me...but that won't have the same affect on you--
so i'll just suggest a few new favorite scriptures.

D&C 21:2
D&C 11:3
Alma 4:15
D&C 111:8

finally...for records sake, I finally completed my goal! I memorized The Living Christ. It has taken a good 4-5 months (with on and off practice) but I am so glad that i'll always have it with me, and I have noticed as my day goes by, small phrases stick out to me that turn frustration, disappointment, and anger into peace, contentment and a changed attitude.

Happy Sabbath!


  1. It was so fun webcamming with you the other night. Sorry life has been frustrating lately...we've all been there. I loved that you memorized the Living Christ. Makes me want to give it a try. :) Hang in there! Love ya!

  2. Loved this post about your "super" Sabbath. Fast days are great and glad you love the scriptures. You inspire me! I want to memorize the Living Christ, too.


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