Friday, February 3, 2012

i suppose.

i think, therefore i blog. 
sometimes the main reason for me to blog is so that one day my kids can look back and say, "wow, my mom is was so cool." then...i think about what i might write about, and realize, no way--they would never say that. oh well, i tried. 

is life suppose to be this low-key-boring-normal at 19?
last night i laid in bed and thought about my previous life. (well have previous and future lives right?)
my life back in high school. 
i played 2 instruments. all IB classes. editor of the school newspaper. 4 jobs. orchestra. YCL president. social life. president of 2 clubs. church membership. -->my question is, how the heck did i do it!?

now, i'm ONLY in school. (as of monday I quit my MTC job *insert angel choirs singing*)
and i can't even seem to find time for JUST school. 

okay, so maybe my life isn't super boring. 
i have big decisions to make. 
where i'm going to live. who i'm going to live with. where am i going to find a job. am i taking classes this spring/summer. what am i going to wear tomorrow.

see my point?
or have i already bored you to the point of tears. 

because basically all my life consists of is....
-going to classes
-going to test reviews
-3 job interviews in 2 weeks
-look at national geographic photos during class
-do math hw to the point of almost vomiting (okay, in my mind that is)
-running to catch the bus, (i kidd you not, i think all of byu and wyview have seen mein all my glory running to catch the bus)
-listening to lectures on sex for a whole week. 
-deciding when i'm actually going to do my laundry (i've be thinking about this for a month now. you do the math)
-cutting my hair at midnight (possibly a bad choice)
-eating copious amounts of cafe rio, brownies, and chocolate chips
-eating my roommates food because she said she's not coming back for 2+weeks. 

so is that wrong? i feel like i'm not contributing much to society as i sit here on my be-hind.....*sigh*
i'm going to take a shower. maybe that'll be my first step into improving society. 


  1. College is a hard transition. You were able to do ALL of that in high school because you had help with the other things, like mom cooking dinners, doing laundry etc. Those things were taking care of for you and so now you are in college you have to take on that load plus school and social life. Plus social life is a whole new topic. Think about it. You are making ALL new friends for the first time and it takes a while to create friendships. (I'm learning this too since moving to AZ)
    Anyways, what I'm saying is don't get too hard on yourself. But if you feel like you are in need of something. Simply signing up for service or other activities. Or even asking your RS president if there is anything you can do to help or someone to help.....but I know you do that already

  2. I think that's a pretty accurate representation of my life too. And don't downplay all that you are involved in, I know you do more than just go to class! You are one of the busiest people I know, even if you aren't going to 18 clubs and working every day, college just has a way of keeping students busy. The first year is a big adjustment, but we will make it through!

  3. You seem overwhelmed with so many choices and things going on. Try to get enough sleep. It will help you think clearly! I loves ya!

  4. sorry we didn't help you get your laundry done today! It was fun to see you. I'm sorry life doesn't seem as diversified but I agree with what others have already told you. And one day your kids WILL think you're cool b/c you went and graduated from college. Not an easy feat.


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