Sunday, February 12, 2012

series of events

 i broil.
 i bake.
 i bake.
i bake.

Baking to cooking ratio = 3:1
is that a sin? is all about gaining weight, right?

So a series of events. In my spare (no longer in existences) spare time, I liked to cook. but now that basically looks out of the question. i just got a new job. and it requires me to work a mandatory 20 hrs a week, while taking 16 credit class hours. so basically death on a stick. but its going to be great. thankfully my bishop has been working for Franklin & Covey for about 25 years, so....he teaches people had to manage time. He gave me really good ideas to get my week and days structured out and I already feel less stressed. Unfortunately, being a college student doesn't give you time to be sick--and i have now acquired a sore throat and cough. relivs got my back, right?

I don't think anything else has been too dramatic in my life besides....i went on the most awful-train-wreck-worst date last night. turns out my step grandmother Julia, has a grandson who I happened to sit next to by chance in one of my classes---was accidently set up to go on "blind date" with me (but it worked out that there were 4 guys to 3 girls, so in my favor i didn't really 'have' a date. if that didn't make sense just understand that it was....bad.

Who's excited for single-awareness-day coming up!? :)


  1. OK, so those Veggies looked way good to me...but the baking looked amazing. I am really proud of you!

    I remember just a few short years ago you came over to babysit and I asked you to do a box of mac n cheese for the kids. I asked you to also cut up and cook some broccoli too, so that my kids could get something a little better than mac n cheese into their bodies. You just smirked at me and said, "Who do you think I am? That is way beyond me!" HAHAHAHA!!! LOL!!! That still makes me laugh. I don't think my kids ate any veggies that night.

    So, I am a lot less worried about you now that I have visual proof of your veggie intake! Good girl!!!

  2. Those cookies look divine!! You are quite the chef emily

  3. Your pictures should be on a food blog. They look great!!


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