Wednesday, February 29, 2012

planner 101

in high school i created my own sort of planner in a binder of sorts--that i loved. i lost in one day after school and cried for days. no exaggeration. i don't think my parents understood what kind of grief it caused me...but now, over time i think i've perfected my system and now i wanted to share with you.

you don't necessary need to use this, let alone like it, but it might give you a few ideas of how you want to better organize your life. honestly, i really have no room to talk because i am the first one to forget deadlines, dates, and anything of significant importance--so i'm going to implementing this more in my life.

I also like it because its like part of my journal too--so a 2 in 1 right!

Monthly Goals Guide

Unfortunately the font changed once converted into pdf. and then on here.(so its alot prettier, nicer looking in person--i can email you the docs if you want).
I like to print this front to back, 3 hole punch it and then put it at the front of my binder. After these pages I have a few other inserts that i'll post later, but then the most useful weekly day planning tool I have found would be this....and you can print that front to back as well.

After my weekly sheets, I have printed out every schedule from each of my classes, 3 hole punched them and put them together in order of my classes. This way all the schedules are right together and i don't have to keep finding them online.

Hope this helps anyone lost with dates, deadlines, everything important and yet brings a spiritual side into it...I know i was!


  1. Wow! That's all I can, is WOW! Nice work, Emily.

  2. Brilliant! I would LOVE if you would email me the docs. Thanks!!!


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