Sunday, January 15, 2012

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i made it through the first week of winter semester. huzzah. only about 3 more months to go. to celebrate the event, gemma and I went to cafe rio (who needs a man in their life, when you have cafe rio. someone tell me please?) we went with her young sister and then we came back to enjoy the goods since we were literally waiting in line..OUTSIDE in the 20 degrees. worth it my friends, absolutely worth it.
We went to Wyview's "Nerd Dance" to burn off the calories, and then after we made our appearance, we made a grateful exit out the back door. We then decided we needed a movie and ice cream.
It is official, that Gemma and I are absolutely notorious for picking out the worst Redbox movies known to man-kind.  I kid you not.
We then enjoyed our Saturday eating crepes and have a relaxing Saturday. Gemma left and then I walked to the Temple and enjoyed the time there. It was neat to see Laura (Mitchell) Ferrin, and her husband.
Is it pathetic then this weekend has been one of the most eventful weekends to even blog about?
Probably because most of my weekends are by myself, folding laundry while i watch said DUMB movies.
Another exciting part of this week, was I was able to give a talk today in Church. I can't believe how nervous I was, probably because I haven't spoken in church for almost an entire year!
My assignment was from this talk in General Conference.
(which you should all be excited because General Conference is in 75 days!)
I was so grateful to be led by the Spirit on what to say, I felt I was extremely blessed. I was grateful for the experiences I have had in life to share with the congregation today. Sabbath days just make me the happiest, I just wish everyday was like this.
Happy Sabbath!

p.s. Downton Abbey is on tonight! Don't miss it!
p.s.s. I've also decided that at my wedding someday I will have a cereal bar, cafe rio, and crepes with ice cream.


  1. as much as i love all of those foods, that is a weird combination of all of them for a wedding reception. But don't let me sway you. Believe me, I'll be there if all of that food is present before my eyes....I just wouldn't know what to choose first.

  2. I got to eat Cafe Rio last week while in Denver. SO good! I LOVE that place. When will they open one here? I better be invited to that crazy wedding of yours! Oh - and I am so glad you Gemma. She sounds awesome, and I really love her hair!

  3. Can't wait to come eat at your reception!


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