Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i guess i've been trying way too hard to think of something...or just anything to blog about. but, alas, all my creative juices have been squeezed out of me entirely.
i went on a walk tonight. no, i didn't want to. it was raining. i was home alone. i needed to do something.
so i listened to "The Spirit of Revelation," by Elder David A. Bednar (please listen intently to it, there is something about hearing it that has power rather than reading). I'm not sure why, but tonight I needed to listen to that talk more than ever before. I think a good deal of it was all this overwhelming business of 'what am i going to do with myself come summer and i've run out money, and i still have 2.5 years of college to go mentality.' then i thought to myself....shoot, i'm an adult. and i've always known this speck of knowledge, ever since i came to college in the first place, but, now....i just don't know. i'm still figuring everything out. now, i realize, how much I hope i have begun the autonomy stage,  (dependency stage-->autonomy stage--->interdependency stage) So i don't think i'm coherent in any of my thoughts here, but, i'm realizing my accountability now, more than before (i guess is what i'm really trying to say).  For some reason this Winter Semester has been off to a shaky start. I've forgotten about basically every assignment that was due (not in one class, but ALL my classes...and i'm not entirely sure why I just admitted that to my mother).  I can't figure it out for the life of me. I don't think i've ever had this problem. Well...anyways. now that i've burned this post to the ground, i'll go finish some more homework. maybe one of these days i'll figure it out and i can prove to everyone that i am mature, and a young sensible adult. or is this just an act, that we never stop pretending to play. 


  1. I completely agree that there is power in listening to a talk! Love it. Thanks for the talk reference. I'll have to listen to it. ;)

  2. Hang in there, bubs. College is TOUGH. Being solely in charge of self is TOUGH. Making hard decisions is TOUGH. But you can do hard things! (Do you keep a planner and right down the assignments that need to be done every day? I would also suggest going through all your syllabis at once and put big assignments and tests in your planners so you can see the semester shape up as a whole. Just some ideas).


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