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tribute to Crismon

This evening I just returned from a fabulous trip in Las Vegas. It was a especially neat to have 9 siblings there again, for the most important event of all, Crismon and Danielle's wedding. What a beautiful, happy, loving couple they are. I'm so excited that they will be living within a 5 min. proximity of me and attend the Y with me this Winter Semester. It's lonely without family!

This now completes the 7th wedding in my family, and it has been absolutely wonderful to see them all married off and watch them create their lives. I feel lucky to be the last to learn from their examples and their goodness. But for Crismon's wedding, I finally feel "old" enough for the wedding to actually mean something to me.

I just wanted to share alittle bit about my memories with Crismon and the lessons he's taught me growing up. Crismon and I are 4 years apart. But that age hasn't distanced us from being good friends. Crismon and I have always been alot alike--even since birth--and so i admit I probably didn't try my best growing up to get along with him, mainly because our personalities are so similar. Our baby pictures look very similar and people at BYU say they can tell I'm Crismon's sister because of my smile. I guess it only makes sense that I tried to take after him in all that he did.

When I was little, my cousin Lynette and I would love to play "college." Yes, yes, yes, if you asked me right now that college then was SO much easier than it is now. Figures. One night, we asked Crismon to teach us. Oh...did he just take our pretend game to the next level. He went into his room, dressed in a shirt and tie. Pulled down his plethora of history, spanish, you name it books and began preparing lessons. Not only did he teach us, he even quizzed us, gave us homework and graded us (not even on a curve).
Lewis Family
(15 grandkids missing, 2 spouses missing)

Another memory, Crismon, Julia, and I by default did everything together. We created marbles mazes around the walls of his room by cutting toilet paper rolls in half and taping them together. We played Price is Right every Sunday after church. Little did mom know that all of her furniture and possessions were being sold away by 10 year olds. We held ping pong tournaments. We always jumped on the trampoline together and Aquire would be our game. A game that was Crismon and I's was Civilization. I distinctly remember both of us staying up until passed 3am playing Civi, because we knew that we would be driving to Utah the next morning and we wanted to play now so we could sleep in the car. I loved it.

Later on in years, I finally entered high school when Crismon had just graduated. However, he just as a student as I was. EVERY teacher knew Crismon Lewis. Saying the words "Crismon Lewis" was like a gold pass to having any teacher like you. It was instantaneously. Even my Spanish teacher, who Crismon never had said he loved Crismon (and his only interaction with him was interviewing him for the school newspaper...). Thats the other thing. Because I was Crismon's little sister, I was able to become the youngest Section Editor on the paper, and junior year Editor of the paper.
all 9 Lewis Siblings and Mom & Dad

While all of Crismon's secular and religious accomplishments are fantastic and I admire him immensely...I just want Crismon to know that I will always remember him for his love for service and his smile. Crismon never did the bare minimum in life. He was driving home from school one day and probably needing to do one of his million things on his to-do lists, yet He say and elderly woman down the street raking leaves and doing yard work. He parked the car and asked her if he could help her. He just did it--probably subconsciously just served out of habit. But he was blessed to right then be hired by them to do their yard work. Or he would be mowing our lawn on a Saturday afternoon, and would just find time to mow the neighbors yard as well, free of charge, just because thats what Crismon would do.

Crismon is just an all around "great guy." I have so many fond memories of him when we were growing up and always had a desire to be like him...and I still do. He is soo lucky to have Danielle as a wife. She far exceeds anyone I could wish for Crismon to marry. She is soooo good to him, and I admire their obedience and love and the sweet people they are.

Congratulations Crismon! I wish you the best in your marriage--because you sure deserve nothing less.
Thanks for you friendship and love as a brother.


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