Saturday, December 24, 2011

my guilty pleasure

I'm going to have Bubs give the post on Christmas and she wants me to post first so that people will actually read her post. :) And since it's almost the end of the year I thought I might blog for once and maybe the last time for another year...

So I'm a little obsessed with Downton Abbey. period. I could just end there. I know you're all into your "Office" or "Modern Family" or whatever is out there are on TV but I much prefer British shows for some reason....hmmm I guess that was no surprise.
I got hooked on this show while I was at the Vances over the summer. I got really sick and couldn't do anything except lie in bed and watch shows or sleep. So I had access to their netflix account and watched the entire first season in less than 24 hours. I loved it. Almost a little too much. I was so excited to hear that the second season was going to be coming out in September but only in England. Thank heavens for online streaming video so over this last semester my roommate and I would get pumped to watch it together every Sunday as our treat to ourselves. As Emily would say it, it's a "treat yourself" day. :) The writers were so good to leave us on the edge that after the episode they would always show a preview of the next one and I believed we screamed every time because we're like "what?!" we have to wait another week to find out what happens!

That being said, tonight was awesome because they had a Christmas special as an extension to the end of the second season and it was tight like unto a dish! Mom and Dad even joined in. Emily and I have already watched the ending several times because it was that good (we even compared it to the ending of North and South so that's saying something if you know what I mean! ;) Pretty darn fantastic but it's a bummer that we'll have to wait for the last season next September. ugh but I'll just have to keep watching the 1st season and parts of the 2nd (I will have to admit the second season was not my fav. and definitely not as good so most of my praising is about the first season really...sorry its sound contradicting but really not..haha let's just say it was overdramatic and you wanted to throw things at the characters sometimes). Oh yeah the first season, it even made it into the World Records Books. It's the biggest TV show hit in Britain with the most views for one show in over 12 years.

The basis of the story is the interweaving story of the Crawley family living in Highclaire Castle and their servants down below but of course there's a lot more to it....(oh yeah and it's got Maggie Smith in it...need I say more?!)

I'm just saying that if you're ever bored this holiday, check it out!


  1. I got hooked on it on Netflix too! Where do you watch it online? I've been so anxious to watch season two, I've only seen season one. Will you post all the links to things I should watch? Thanks Julia! So glad to hear someone else likes this show! :)

  2. I cannot believe you didn't send a text my way to tell me about the extended Christmas episode!!!! Did you know that the first season was originally written as a mini series, but the numbers went through the roof after a couple episodes, so they made it into a series? Lucky us! Can I copy this post and put it on my blog? You can be a visiting author! I really liked your review!

  3. Jessica! I forgot to post the link for the other season. Here it is!
    Just disregard any weird pop-ups. sorry :)

    Corinne-hey I'm so sorry! Bubs and I are probably going to be watching it several more times this week so we should get together and watch it :) We really want to hang out with you! And yes you can put it on your blog haha :)

  4. Thanks Julia!!! Can't wait to watch it. :)

  5. i am glad to finally see the julia part of this blog, even if it is about english soap operas or whatever this stuff is


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