Thursday, July 21, 2011

the observer + exciting news

i admit, i'm one who pays too close attention to minor detail in everything. that can be a good thing...or a bad, thing, and lets just says its probably more bad than good.

let me explain a few things I have observed while on the byu campus:
1. never never never (that was a Hebrew superlative, if you didn't catch it ;), consider asking any guy on a date, unless you know exactly how old he is--and his name.
 (ex: I almost asked my test dancing partner if he wanted to go on a date, later to find out that he is getting married in August. Its not my fault he looks like he is 18!)
2. you begin to hate all the married people on campus holding hands.
3. everyone has DAKINE backpacks....its like you're a sinner if you don't have one.
4. sleeping ceases to exist when you come to college. How come no one warned me of that? I finally went to bed at 1 last night---best thing ever!
5. "cleaning checks"are a synonym for the devil. especially if it means you have to miss the "Harry Potter" Fest in Brigham Square. I totally brought my Firebolt and Nimbus 2000 for nothing!
6. Its cooler to have a date with the library than any guy. Just sayin...

lastly, i got a JOB! at none other than the MTC! Woot. Now that is classy. I start orientation today!

okay....thats basically all i have to say. chow.


  1. hahahaha! I love that you almost asked out an engaged man! That's awesome.
    I think Guys have it easier because you can tell when a girl is engaged by the ring but there is nothing on the guy's hand that lets you know he is engaged.

  2. I agree--cleaning checks were the WORST!! That's so fun you got a job at the MTC--what will you be doing??

  3. Try going to bed at midnight. Life is even BETTER!


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