Sunday, June 26, 2011

the first

first of all, you should know...contrary to popular belief, i am not one of those "freshman giddy girls."
i know, shocker right?

but, being in the college atmosphere has led me to dabble in the art of dating here and there.
and so, i bring you a documentation of my first college date.
humor me, please.

this is a very picture heavy post, because the whole plan of the date was to take pictures, get them printed, and place them in picture frames and photo books in wal-mart.
needless to say, it was quite fun, and i got some cafe rio out of it, which is always a plus.

meet the finest people at the Y: Shalia (AZ), Paul (CA), me-obviously, Erik (OR)

we be cool.
planking. its all rage here.

connecting with out inner selves.
stairway to heaven.
no, that really says Heck ;)
and i saved the best picture for last.


  1. Thanks for explaining the planking because I was so confused by the numerous pictures of you guys laying face down. Which one of the guys did you go on the date with?


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