Friday, May 6, 2011

whimsy. whimsy.

i've sat down too many times this week to blog, and it was just one of those weeks where nothing, i mean nothing, comes to you. I was just a wee bit drained. I have my reasons, I had AP Testing, which is kind of a big deal, because I'm trying to get college credit here. Just sayin.

So more than once did I find myself studying on the floor and my mom waking me up sleeping on the floor. Next time I'm going to invest in getting a chair for my desk.

Thursday was test day, and I don't think it was a conincidence that once i was finished i turned the radio on to hear Pomp And Circumstance on the classical station (yes, do not mock me because I listen to classical music.) I got chills just thinking in one month I'll be pomping (yes, its now a word) my circumstance.

Than yesterday I recieved a letter in the mail informing me that I did not win the Oregon LDS BeSmart Scholarship---which i was certain I would win. I felt that eating ice cream straight from the carton justified for not winning. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

And today, I tested a bunch of urine in Biology today. Fascinating I tell you. It reminded me of Julia's college Bio class where a girl was tricked into believing that she would get extra credit if she drank her urine. I'll leave it up to you what she did. :)

So this week ive been eating away my sorrows with ice cream and now cookies that I just made with Elysse T.  :)

Also, mom leaves tomorrow to help with baby Elliot, so I am now taking applications for cookers, cleanings, and people just to provide some comic relief. Good thing i'm getting stocked up on cereal! :)



  1. I want a video of you pomping your circumstance. That sounds awesome! I feel that you are totaly justified in pigging out on ice cream this week! Just AP testing alone justifies that! Then you add the loss of scholarship! HELLO! Need a movie night this weekend? Skookies? I'm here for ya.

  2. what cereal did you stock up on? I love cereal. It should be covered in all the food groups of the pyramid!!

  3. oh, everyone already said what I wanted to say! "pomping my circumstance..." that's my new favorite phrase. Did you get my text yesterday with Kenna's mother's day present? What did you think?


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