Sunday, May 1, 2011

greetings from the burg'

This has been the best weekend in the history of "the sisters" life!
Which is saying something...because you and i both know we've had a non-deprived or shafted life. ever.
All in a matter of three days I/we have done:
-partying at The Beatles Tribute concert (more to come on that)
-baptisms for the dead at the Idaho Falls Temple
-eating some Local Flavor (aka: hamburgers and shakes) at Sammy's.
-stuffing my face with some girls at Craigos. (yes, my mouth just salivated alittle just by thinking about it)
-walked the Rexburg Temple grounds
-ate out....ALOT.
-watched The Italian Job
-talked until like 3 in the morning....bad idea when you have 9 AM church.
-attended a Marriage class with Julia (i almost feel asleep)
-had the famous HOT DOG FRIDAY with Olivia, Malia, Janessa, Julia, Stefan and I. It was so good.
-and now, I'm converted to the BYU-IDAHO campus....(yes, partly because of the hot dogs).

----BEST FOR LAST: I PUMPED GAS FOR THE FIRST TIME YESTERDAY. I know what you are thinking. Even at the ripe age of almost 19, you would have thought i've pumped gas by now. But, alas no, I'm an Oregon girl, what can you expect?
(minor technicality: I may or may not have jumped ten feet with a high pitched scream when the nozzle clicked that it was done....i'll leave it up to your imagination. Lets just say, I sat down to check my pulse afterwards while other people mocked me from their cars.)

if you can top this weekend, let me know.
because this weekend rocked.


  1. Are you seriously going to go to ID instead of UT?

    I am sooooooo glad you had such a great weekend.

  2. I love that the whole post is on food. That's what makes for a great weekend right? I'm sad I missed out on the fun! CUTE Picture by the way

  3. this was both look so beautiful...especially, Ems, with my haircut. :)
    loved the part about pumping gas...I'm sure I did the same thing the first time I pumped (which was probably when I was 19, too!)

    sad to miss out on your sisterly bonding time.

  4. btw: hot dogs are great at'll have to try Jay Dawgs.

  5. oh and I've been eating Ernestly Chocolate ice cream from the BYU creamery (my dear sister-in-law brought me some from provo for my birthday) and I keep thinking how much Emily is going to LOVE that. I'm just warning you, if you try it, Freshmen 15 hear you come!

  6. OK, yeah, that was an AWESOME weekend! I'm glad you had fun in 'the Berg' - Bailey wants me to come visit her just so I can eat at Craigo's. And how can you go on about the hot dogs after eating at J-Dawg's? Because I know you have! So which has better dogs? Provo or the Berg? Hmmmm????
    And yes, SUPER cute picture of you two!!

  7. i live here. just topped it.

  8. You both look so cute! Glad you finally pumped your own gas!! :)


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