Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm dreaming......

Of this place

Columbia River Gorge will never get old to me
and this place
Trufflehunter: the best restaurant out there. Plus it's named after the badger Trufflehunter from C.S. Lewis' Prince Caspian so it makes it even better! :)

I cannot wait to be with these people:
Even though it will be for one night I'm so grateful they'll let me come stay with them. Thanks Johns!
Mi madre and padre

 Can't wait to see the Caudles! Papa Murpheys?? :)

Other things I'm looking forward to:
-Being with Bubs and having her pick out the "right" clothes me to wear
-Baking homemade WHEAT bread (I can't wait to eat really healthy stuff again)
-Visiting friends ages 21-98
-going to see the new Jane Eyre with Mom
-eating frozen yogurt with Bubs
-shaving my legs for the first time since January (don't judge)
-getting ready for school!

Basically I can't wait to go home on Tuesday! OREGON HERE I COME!!!! 


  1. Oh, I wish I could be there too!!!

  2. Oh the Gorge! Makes me miss Portland!

  3. Oh how fun! And JANE EYRE!!!! Have fun!
    And I second the leg-shaving bit. Except I don't plan on remedying that in the near future....
    And this is definitely Janelle writing, not Dallin.

  4. Jules! I can't wait to see ya! I am so happy that you 1. get to shave your legs soon and 2. get to see Jane Eyre as well!

  5. we're excited to see you, too! We'll have something "healthy" for you to eat when you get here!


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