Saturday, April 9, 2011

a cause to be sentimental

today i finished my last five hours as a hostess (scroll to the bottom to see one of the main reasons i decided to quit. the dress! its horrid. someone has to pay me to wear that, oh wait, they already do.). while i spent time cleaning tables off or putting things away, i realized my time as an adolescent is truly coming to an end. i tried remember what it felt like to play dolls or make believe. I couldn't. I tried remembering what it was like to ride bikes around my neighborhood and pretend that leaves were money to buy from mailbox shops. i couldn't. Because i can not stop time, this is my cause never to forget what being a kid is like.

and because i am a lover for all beautiful the sun...which Oregon saw for the first time in 41 days. I kidd you not, thats what the paper said. And they were quoting the National Weather Service. So i believe them. These are raw versions of some glorious sun.


  1. Pretty pictures Bubs. And congrats on moving on from Heidi's!

  2. HAHAHHAHA!!!!! You have been hiding that from me for a LONG time! I LOVE the dress! You are too adorable in it, that is the only problem. And great pictures of the sunshine. Those were so pretty!


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