Wednesday, April 20, 2011


All you need to know about today is that it should be Friday. And its not.

1. Fidel Castro no longer in Cuba's Communist Leadership. (that is big news, fellas).
2. I woke up late for seminary, so my meal of breakfast/lunch consisted solely of the box of cheerios i walked out to my car with.
3. today was my last key club meeting ever. holla. oh, and i got plaque too.
4. Finally, my backpack zipper broke today (read: walking around with your backpack open=loser, and people saying "oh your back..." and me cutting them off "oh i know. just call me a loser, please."
5. oh, and if anyone could enlighten me on the subject, if you have bad cramps does that mean you will have bad pregnancies? Or is it just a myth? if so.....that number from 10 went down to 8 and now it's going down to 6. Just sayin.


  1. Total myth. I had HORRIBLE cramps, but great pregnancies (admittedly, the twins' pregnancy was hard, but that was also two babies, so, meh). And the amazing thing, after Dorothy was born, POOF! I haven't had cramps since. You'll be fine.

  2. I always felt like I had a bad cramps growing up but unless you experience other people's cramps it's hard to know how bad they really are.....does that make sense? Anyways, I felt like my pregnancies were pretty good so I say a myth.
    And I can totally see you carrying around a whole box of cereal without milk for breakfast

  3. I agree. BAD cramps, great pregnancies. And yeah, like Janelle said, after baby #1 no more cramps, well hardly ever! It is awesome!

    And did you get plaque? On your teeth? Or A plaque to hang on your wall? Hmmmmm....


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