Monday, March 21, 2011


friends, for clarification, the caps of the post title are not me yelling at you, but just for emphasis.

I think I'm ready for some change.
Major change.
Like enough change to cut off 23 inches of your hair. when you only have 25.5. That kind of change.

(no my hair isn't cut here, just put in a bun)
but honestly, i'm not brave enough to do it.
my mom says i should lose weight first.
but....i'm sick of finding things in my hair like i did yesterday (gum wrapper, dried salsa, toothpaste, and more salsa) yeah, i've about had it.
My hair is so long its getting in the way of everything.

So this is me asking you....should i DO IT!?


  1. Lose weight? No offense to your mom, but sometimes moms say stupid things. You have a perfectly gorgeous (non fat) face. Short hair is in for spring and summer, there are lots of celebs rockin shorter shags. As as an accomplished hairdresser who loves fashion, I say do it. Hit me up if you need someone to bounce ideas off of. :)

  2. Whoa, so REALLY short hair. I have to say, when I chopped all my hair off, I LOVED it. It was fun and different and a little crazy for me. I didn't want it forever, but it was fun to try it. I say go for it. Worst case scenario, hair always grows.

  3. Are you really thinking of chopping 23 inches off? that leaves you with 2.5 inches....Sure go for it. but remember when you cut your hair last summer you hated it...

  4. wow girl that is a HUGE change. if you think you can do it i say go for it :) it always grows back right? love your blog by the way! hope you have a fabulous tuesday dear! xo i can't wait to read more!

  5. Did you ever read "The Twits"? I think it's by Roals Dahl... anyways, all that stuff you found in your hair reminds me of Mr. Twits beard. I remember my 2nd grade teacher reading that out loud to us and I was SOOOOO grossed out at the description of his beard! Luckily your hair is NOT that bad... yet!

    I say CUT IT!!!!! You know me, I LOVE short hair - I just chopped mine off, again! Lily is donating hers to locks of love in 5 weeks. Do you wanna do the same? I could schedule you for the same day. My stylist is AMAZING and she's been cutting my hair short for years. And she is SO good about knowing what is good with your face etc.

    And BTW - she told me that short hair is in now and long hair is out, according to all the magazines, not like that crap actually matters though.

  6. Do it and give it to someone who has none. It'll grow back.

  7. I never said that! But I think you'll regret it.


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