Wednesday, March 30, 2011

final sights from D.C.

i'm on my final victory lap around the D.C. trip. I can't believe its already come to an end, but so happy that i was able to go. a huge fist pump to Ondalynn who didn't kill me for living with her and her family for 11 days. thanks a million sis! 

On Saturday, as a fam we went to Mt. Vernon, George Washington's Estate! the grounds were beautiful! And as we drove in the car, my love for Virginia grew immensely. A crush wouldn't justify it. Mt. Vernon is a must see if you go to the East Coast. The museums were kid & adult friendly and the least overwhelming--you just enjoy everything!
{right: George Washington's tomb/coffin, with Martha W. on the left. Vance Co. and I in front of Mt. V}

of course, basketball, football, baseball brownie/cupcakes were on the menu, with alot of other sugar as well. 
it would be an understatement to say he was estatic about his new basketball hoop. prounce it as mr. b does it would be a "baketball hoop"
we love mr. b aka the next jimmer fredette.

the trip was so wonderful. and i realized vacation life is ten times better than reality life. but oh well. that will be my last vacation in a long time. and it was absolutely the best place i could have gone. all the sights were wonderful, but the best part was being with my family.
its cheese, i know. 
but true.
so go grab a kleenex now, or two.

the end.


  1. I'm glad you got to go on this trip. Going to DC as a senior was one of the best things I did, too. Wish Ondy and Gary had been there, though...

  2. As I was looking at your pictures and reading about DC, I kept thinking, the best part of your trip was seeing that darling Vance family. Sure enough, I got to the end and you agreed with me, too! Surely love our Vance family!


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