Thursday, March 31, 2011

the curse lives on

There is this known curse at Jacob Lake that when someone uses a manager's car something bad ALWAYS happens. So on my day off I asked them if I could take one of their cars praying that nothing would happen like a wreck (which is what usually happens). But sure enough when I came out of the grocery store to my horror I saw the back right tire flat and I mean FLAT. I had no idea. It's not my car so I didn't notice anything different and I never went on that side because the driver's seat is on the left. The tire place was closed but at the nearest gas station two blessed men put on a dummy tire so that meant really slow going home. I felt like I was swerving too so it was really really scary. Then I got pulled over because he thought I was either drunk or really old. But he saw the tire and was understanding and luckily he knew the people at Jacob Lake so it's all good. 

But despite all of that I definitely have to share some tender mercies:

-that I recognized that there was a flat tire before I got on the road where it could have been worse.
-two strangers changing the tire just right then and there without receiving anything in return. 
-most of the way home no one was behind me and when there was there was always a passing lane just a few hundred feet up. There was actually one car behind me for part of the way that I could see bring out their binoculars and take a look from their car to see what was up. It was kinda hilarious.
-driving in the daylight instead of at night
-I don't get any service once I hit the mountain so luckily I called them about the situation and knowing that if I didn't return in an hour that they would come find me.
-That I laughed instead of cried.
-Gratefully it turned out to be a beautiful day in Kanab and I had a great day with a lot accomplished.

Now who wants to rub my shoulders? They're a little tense :)


  1. I know allllll about stressful driving situations. ;) It sounds like you handled it much better than I would. :) Miss you!!

  2. jules! fist pump to you a)because you are actually writting a blog post b) because of your bravery c) you quoted "the christmas card" which truly made my day! :) woot! woot! this qualified as an awkward and awesome thursday! :)

  3. Wow! You are so brave! If I was there, I would totally rub your shoulders!

  4. Way to go Jules! You faced the curse head on and suceeded! :)

  5. sounds stressful...glad it all worked out well!

  6. You were blessed! Surely glad you live right! Glad you're OK! Love you!

  7. Wow, love those tender mercies! Hooray for being home safe.

  8. Oh ha ha I don't think I would even have the guts to go and try my luck with the car. I'm sure something much worse would have happened to me hah (;


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