Tuesday, December 28, 2010

merry magical christmas

christmas is over. the idea of that still hasn't quite settled in. and quite honestly, i don't want it to. i love the feeling of the magical christmas's each year. they are so perfect. i just wish i could take one picture of it and freeze in time. but thats not possible. 

big news: oregon snowed. it was so lovely for the five hours it lasted. 

christmas isn't christmas in the lewis household without some of that coveted caramel popcorn.
mmmh....my mouth just watered alittle looking at that bowl of heavenly goodness.

and we finished making about 10 batches of caramel popcorn before Christmas Eve. So the morning was spent, having a breakfast feast. {compliments to the tradition starter: alice-anne}
{hot chocolate, buttermilk french toast, and eggs were on the menu}
{the rest of the morning I made gifts for about 4 hours and delivered them for 4 hours...}
{the glorious christmas eve feast with vivienne's family followed by a brawling game of wii}
{what mormon family doesn't act out the nativity? so we did. and we had to cute handsome Shepherd}

{and...now Julia and I have matching scriptures! Except my name is in lower case--specific orders!}


  1. wow...I love that last picture of Julia...she looks hot!
    oh, and I'm glad you had a feast Christmas Eve breakfast...my family had doughnuts while I slept in.

    Oh, and I didn't make a single batch of caramel corn this year...wow...different Christmas for us!

  2. I concur with Alice-Anne, Julia looks hot in the last picture. Why didn't you dress up on Christmas morning! :) jk

    I miss making carmel corn at home and eating way more than we actually gave out. Send some down with Julia.....I'm not even joking :)

  3. guys....what about my alfalfa hair? you don't like it!? that picture was taken sunday night. p.s. she looks hot because of me! I curled her hair!

  4. Surely glad I experienced all these fun times with you during the Merry Christmas Season!


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