Monday, November 29, 2010

on the verge of adulthood

remember those fat chubby rolls accumulating all over my thighs and arms (okay maybe still), yes, well I'm not so little anymore. which seemed fine with me until i realized, i'm going to have rent and tuition to pay for...which doesn't seem too appetizing.

so. this is where i ask you fellow wise siblings. do you have any advice for the "soon-to-be adult-in 6 days!" (yes, december 5 is my birthday, dad, not pearl harbor). after all, you have all been through the first stage of've got to know something i don't. :)

yes, i should be alittle scared. i mean this is the example of living that has occurred since mom has been on her tour-de-mom. you loose five pounds in 2 weeks (without trying) because you realized you can't force down anymore cold spaghetti after having it for lunch and dinner for the past 14 days. there is no food left because you forgot to go grocery shopping. laundry? i haven't done it in 3 weeks. i hope everything is okay to go on 'cold-cold' because i haven't changed the settings--ever. its 8 pm and you just realized you haven't had dinner yet, and dad hasn't either. you make salad once, just so you can say you made it. no wonder the large bag of spinach was thrown away. frozen pizza has become a really convenient life savor. also, i haven't managed to keep my room clean for maybe 30 minutes ---that might even be pushing it.

so, you can see, adult-hood is potentially a scary thought for not only me, but you too.

six more days.


  1. I really hope you marry someone who wants to be a stay-at-home- dad. I"m worried for your kids!
    My advice is to look for him real soon!

  2. I can't say much because I did live off of cheese quesidillas while in college...but um, maybe learn to cook?


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