Thursday, October 21, 2010


October where have you gone? If you are anything like me I have savoring each breath of this fall air. Its more invigorating than the sun in my personal opinion. My friends and I have great plans to attend a pumpkin patch or corn maze.I'm actually acting like a teenager...weird.
Now for my picture show for this month...
My car is fully protected now thanks to 2 people--I still don't know who...let me tell you it was tons of fun to clean up in the rain, in my Sunday Dress.

Yay! I'm an optimist! On 10.07.10 I was given a complimentary breakfast at Heidi's (ironic, right? I work there.) from the Optimist Club of Gresham. Mr. Lipner nominated me for this award. Having nice words said about you and all your accomplishments does wonders for your self-esteem!

Senior Homecoming 2010
I almost didn't go, and good thing I did go, because I would have missed out on tons of fun! You'll see here that crap skirt I made in 10-15 mins before I walked out the door. I can officially call myself a bargain shopper since the fabric should have been $9 when i got it for $1.50 I love my life. :)

Concert Choir Retreat
Basically its an overnight retreat that FORCES you to bond with your singing mates. My friends and I are good about staying with each other and not meeting anyone new... i like that. Best part of retreat: Kissing Game, and I learned an African Song that Ariana (on Right) and Celena (only head visible) taught me since they went on an African mission trip this summer. 

Finally my kindred spirit, Julie, was crowned Homecoming Princess! I had to go to the game to see this! If anyone deserved princess it was julie!

And even better, not just one best friend was a Princess, but 2! Allie Gallegos! :)

After the fball game on Friday, I threw a Surprise Birthday Party for Allie's 18th Birthday at my house. Look at that cake! Its a beauty right? Well tasted just as good too! I think I've found my new forte in life. Cake making.

The attendees of the party. Things got kind of you can see.

This is Alex Vaughn. The face explains it all.

This is Conner House...yes, that is facial hair. Otherwise I would have butchered it off by now. Look what P90X can do...I can lift boys!

Thats about it for October...and I'll update you with the later half of the month later. 

comment because I was so kind to post.



  1. Okay, so I didn't beat Vivienne...but Emily PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT I'M LEAVING A COMMENT BEFORE MEREDITH!

    I'm so glad you're having more of a social life than a sewcial life this senior year. :)

    Seriously, though it looks like tons of fun. And, wow! You really must have found your line to be hefting those boys!

    You look so cute on all these pictures. I wish I could sew a skirt in 10-15 minutes! Can you come help with Halloween costumes?!

  2. I love the post BUBS! What a fun senior year you're having!

  3. ha ha ha A-A I like the pun you used there...."sewcial" Grandpa would have been proud. Emily, I am amazed by your talent of sewing and NOW cake making?? You rock!

  4. You amaze me, Emily, how you can whip something together. I thought you were nuts to buy two ugly dresses at Goodwill, but you created them into something cute to wear! How do you do that?
    You make my life fun!


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