Saturday, October 23, 2010

call me "handy-mandy"

 Oh gosh. I confess I got alittle giddy at the sight of 7 comments, but I should've known meredith  would do something like that. Back in the beginning of September (more like 4 days before school started -1 of those being Sunday-) I decided to paint my room. Spur of the moment. Yes I was being idiosyncrasy, but isn't my life always like that?

Mission: Transform my lime green room adult room
Timelength: 3 days
Manpower: Me and 2 paintbrushes
Sanity Medication: Ingrid Michaelson & The Magic Of Ordinary Days 

Mission Status: Completed

Okay so my room was more than trashy so this was a good reason to get it up and running again.



Bed Spread/Comforter: IKEA (moms treat)
Quilt: Aunt Nona 
Rug: Great-Grandma made it

I LOVE IT. It has since gotten a bit more messy...but I love the room anyways. I love my antique sheets, quilt & rug. And one of my most prized posessions in my room....THE MAP. I adore this map. 



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  1. Love the room! Especially the rug! :) (Is that a good enough comment for ya? ;)


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