Friday, July 30, 2010

who wants to hear about my vacation....

Humor me, and say you do. Even though you probably won't. But out of the goodness of my heart, I'm going to recap my summer in a series of weeks rather than days...because than by the 5th day you wouldn't be subscribed to my blog anymore.

Location: Willamette University: Salem, OR (across the street from the Capitol)
Who: 300 Girls from across Oregon
Why: To learn about government, hone public speaking skills, learn to run on no sleep, and have fun
Rating: 8 stars

Top 3 Coolest things at Girls State:
1. Got to be a House of Representive member --essentially debating bills, passing them, or submitting them. It was cool to speak with Parlimantry Procedure (the way you talk), however, I won't miss those 4 hour legislature sessions!
2. Girls State Dance Party---i've never gone so crazy with the best food
3. Campaign Rally--instead of splitting people by demos and reps they split us with Nationalist and Federalist. I was a NAT and they we're so intense with people cheering and music and dancing

Waiting for General Assembly to start (BORINGEST THING EVER)

Eva my roomate

FLAG presentation

Our counselor was a hulu dancer, and taught us, than we performed

Taylor & Hilary (the 2 people that helped me survive Girls State--Taylor got elected for Girls Nation!)

4th person in from the back

3 of the GHS girls,and have been friends since 6th grade Ariel & Allie

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  1. Look at my little sister, she is getting so old! (tear)
    ps you are a hot hulu dancer ;)


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