Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I guess i'm a senior?

I'd like to think you were all itching for me to put these up here...but I'm sure you weren't. But sorry, it was inevitable (just like the flu that spread at the Lewis reunion...and in our car). As Alice-Anne likes to point out...this blog functions for one and only one purpose--that is to put pictures of me here. 
So here are the pictures to redeem myself for last post's picture...

That blue necklace was Grandma Lewis's so i had to wear it :)

All photos taken by the Dr. Seth Lewis, my good fellow brother. Just forget looking at my face and look at the gorgeous scenery!!!

Okay, I'll try to not to post anymore pictures of me for a week, heck maybe a month. This was just a bit overkill.



  1. What!! You got some of Grandma Lewise's jewelry? When did they hand out that stuff?....cute pictures btw but you already knew that by my massive comments on your facebook

  2. I love these! You look so beautiful...you're excused for using your blog to throw a thousand pics of you on. I think the white dress looks much better than mom's blue one! Good choice!


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