Saturday, November 7, 2009


Its a tragic loss lost that everyone is feeling at the moment. I mournfully announce that MY SECRET LIFE: EMILY LEWIS is no longer with us. I wanted to have a viewing before the funeral...however, that simply is not possible. This is a very sensitive subject for me, and the thought of emmylewis not being with us at this time is lamenting. Emmylewis was a great blog. She served her callings well, and attracted many to her. Everyone wanted to be her like her, and she will remain an honorary member in the blogsphere. Emmylewis was reaching her optimal success in the blogsphere, as she had racked up 21 comments within the last four points. Well done emmylewis, well done indeed, you served lived through mocking and torment, but in the end you were loved. Goodbye beloved emmylewis. RIP.

Any donations you wish to send to emmylewis will gladly be taking by Emily Lewis, Founder of emmylewis.


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