Sunday, November 8, 2009

gnarly Halloween

I was a......

Re-Cap October 2009: Work required everyone to dress up on Halloween. I debated on what to be...( such as nerd (that wasn't going to be hard to dress up for), cowgirl, politician, etc. However....this INSPIRIED me to be....

An 80's Workout Instructor

Okay, so maybe I am not as flexible as her, but hey, I was trying.


Heidi's Contest Loser: Me, the ultimate 80's workout instructor.

Plus, my favorite part (almost as much as the converse--I got to wear my earrings that i got from an antique store. They were so huge I couldn't answer the phone properly because they were bulging from my ear so much! Halloween a success.


  1. Emily, I'll I can say is you make me laugh so hard. I am deeply saddened by the loss of the emmylewis blog, but I'm sure this new one will make up for it :)
    Love the earrings.

  2. HILARIOUS!!!!!! I wish I could have seen it in person


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