Sunday, November 16, 2014

my sister Ondalynn . . .

The oldest of 9.
The mother of 5.
Wife to 1.
Sister to 11.
Daughter to 2.
Cousin to 342.
Friend to everyone.

Ondalynn... my dear sister who could technically be my mother by age, is one of my great friends, just like all my sisters. I don't remember Ondalynn growing up...mostly because she was on her mission when I was five years old. I remember the Cleveland Sox playing cards she sent us in the mail for Christmas.
the coolest couple ever! Halloween 2014

I remember the day she was proposed to. It was a Sunday afternoon in Sept. and we were gathered in the living in our a respective couches for family home evening, and we heard the phone ring. Speaker phone didn't exist at the it was mom and dad relayed the information as we they received it.

I remember Ondalynn on her wedding day--one roommate doing the art work of the hair, another doing the nails, another make up, and another taking pictures. I gasped when I saw how beautiful she looked.

These are just a few of the memories I have with Ondalynn. I'll always remember I was eating lunch outside on the "3rd graders bench" that I am sure claimed with all my pride, and I saw her walking in a blue button down blouse, hand above the eyes, blocking the sun, around the lunch area looking for me. I was thrilled that she'd do that, or come play wall-ball with me afterwards. I basically showed her off to all my friends like she was the biggest celebrity. (and she even sent a box of sweets from Mexico for my entire second grade class).

Ondalynn has taught me alot of little life lessons, because thankfully she is really patient with me. She asked me if would help babysit her little family as she recovered after Paxton's birth...but bless her heart, I think she babysat me too! It was sure fun though. She taught me alot about motherhood in just hours. I admire and respect the role of mothers because of her influence. Ondalynn is the best at making sure people are having fun. Which only makes sense why she planned and organized our Family Reunion this summer. It was like a perfectly balanced house deck of card
LOOK AT THIS MAMA : A half marathon runner! #impressed

s stacked on top of each other--she was that skillful. There were assigned rooms by signs like a hotel, (p.s. thanks again for the stairwell closet! ;), there were baskets for shoes and things specified by families, a schedule down to the 30 minutes, and new daily activities...and the food...ugh..i'm still getting over how delicious that was. Even when her child broke his wrist, she was completely full functioning. #saint

Everyone knows Ondalynn, and we are so grateful we do. I am so happy she lives in Washington now, because these past four years, I've been able to get to know her more as my sister than an older sister. She's let me be her friend and I appreicate that. Just like when I remember standing in her kitchen for the last time before I came here to Provo this semester. She juggled making dinner, cutting food for the hungry child who was going to spill something, the tired gymnast, the busy cross country girl, and the little boys who might forever play football tackle, and yet, she still listened with two ears to everything I said. I love you Ondalynn. Your goodness is completely contagious.

Happy Birthday

so happy to share this moment with Ondalynn, at the arrival of my mission. She was a great influence to me knowing...she had done it to! love you ondalynn!

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  1. You captured Ondalynn's goodness so well. She's amazing! I'm glad you are blessed by her influence, too.


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