Saturday, October 18, 2014

this & that

in the moments before i fall asleep, i let my mind wonder over the events of the day.
i invent blog posts in my mind that are never fleshed out.
i stare at the wall, i see the text of the daily dialogue moving forward and backward, while the cursor blinks endlessly at me, as i formulate the day's events.

this same exact thing happened when i worked for the newspaper in high school. everything, and i mean everything, that ran through my head became a news article, with clever headlines, small captions, and witty endings.

now. i just stare at this blinking cursor, wondering what i will actually end up writing about it.

to start. let me just share this gem with you. its more than a minutes worth of reading, so i feel like none of you in blogosphere will actually read it. but i loved it. it was an assignment, but i couldn't stop thinking about her delicacy of writing. it was just yummy.

secondly, you can enjoy 267 seconds of something that they performed at the BYU Homecoming Spectacular that Bronson and I went to. lets just say, it was absolutely spectacular. i love cultural events, maybe because it just reminds me of my childhood as we attended musicals, plays, operas, and ballets.

thirdly, what i've been really loving is when i'm reminded of all that i was taught at General Conference through these little highlights. its been the best background for me as i fold laundry, do my hair, or wash the dishes. you'll love it too. be continued.

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