Tuesday, September 4, 2012

he's a tri-guy

Saturday, Sept. 1,was one of the best days! I surely hope its a long time before a really great day beats it, because it'll be hard to do.

That morning my roommates and i were all woken up to by a pretty intense thunder and lightening storm. My roommate Jo and I sat in the doorway for a good while eating cereal and watching it all unfold.

Later I was picked up by my friends family to go watch the Aqua triathlon at Seven Peaks in Provo.
Why people wake up so early to do this sort of thing beats me, but, i attest, coming away from that meet was extremely inspiring and motivating to do one myself. I just have to say, i admire and commend the people that do a triathlon just for the fun of it.

Unlike typical Provo, it was overcast, rainy, and stormy weather for the race, but fun nonetheless. 

1. I was really happy to see him for the first time in almost 2 months! 
2.  This guy did fantastic! If you want his autograph, i have connections...

 Second Place! How great is that?
If you asked him though, he probably wouldn't tell you, he's just that humble.
these brothers: I don't know whats cooler, their numbers or their farmers tan. You decide. :)

Oh it was so fun to spend time with this family. Their kindness and generosity is contagious. I feel blessed to be surrounded by such great people. 


  1. i liked this post! So what's this guys name?? jk :)

  2. That IS very cool! Seems like a nice guy!

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