Sunday, March 11, 2012

recent beginnings

attention world: i just might have friends. 

proud of me? (don't answer that) me too. And sadly, i have no documental proof that any of the below listed events occurred, so you are just going to have to go on my word for it. 

its been a great couple of weeks, besides those two tests that i won't mention how poorly i did. 

Somethings worth mentioning:
-My roommates and a few members of my ward went to "The Seville"a retirement home in Orem and played 'bean bag baseball.' They kicked our trash. And i'm not kidding either. 

-I finally taught a few other friends how to play Acquire, and we realized at 10pm on Saturday night that it was Fast Sunday the next day, we decided to order in pizza and then watched a movie as just girls. 

-On Friday, I was able to do early morning baptisms before school with a few other girls. Naturally I went on into a full on dream and talking in my sleep in a matter of 10 mins sitting in my Writing Class. Then,  after attempting to study for 4 hrs for a midterm i had to take before I left for Farmington for Mckenzie and Brad's wedding dinner, I accidentally slept for 2.5 of those hours. Then Becca picked me up and we left for Farmington. I just love family. And was so happy to spend all weekend with the Smith Family. It made me really appreciate being where I am right now so that I can attend these family events. 

-A wonderful mom came to my Sacrament Meeting today--which was just wonderful. 

-McKenzie and Brad's wedding was beautiful! I am so thrilled and happy for them. Its quite alarming that my cousin (just a few months older than me), is now married....i didn't see that coming. 

-Today was the most beautiful Sabbath day. My roommates and I spent all afternoon sitting on blankets outside--and after a little bit we had congregated quite a few friends. We were out there long enough for  me to get pretty darn sunburnt. Then 2 of our friends came and played Dominion with us--a new game I am being introduced to and is super fun. 

-Overall life is great. Busy. Complicated. Beautiful. Challenging. but...definitely FUN. 

1 more month of school. 


  1. Sounds so fun!! Glad you got to hang out with the fam. Thanks for your thoughts for my YW lesson. I shared some of them today and I think it went well.

  2. This is what I have to say... You are so gosh darn cute!!! I really miss you.

  3. I'm glad you got pictures and posted them. McKenzie was beautiful! And that picture of you in front of the temple is so pretty! It was so fun to talk to you last night

  4. Glad you attended the wedding. She looks beautiful!


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