Saturday, January 28, 2012

my brownie cake

who ever said it was a good idea to have a "wedding cake" at your wedding. lets be real...who even likes cake? (i'll just answer for you...NO ONE). So why is everyone wasting their money to buy wedding cakes that a) taste like crap, b) are a total waste of sooo many calories c) they look fake anyways d) need i say more?

so, for my future wedding (years down the road, don't worry) i'm going to have a wedding brownie 'cake'. mark my words. and i'm declaring it now---like officially, and you can't change my mind.
(my mom knows from experience).

i feel that loving brownies is part of my civic duty being a beholder of the last name lewis. i carry a name that breathes chocolate (we all get it from our grandma lewis)--and so why yes, yesterday was national chocolate cake day, where is our national brownie day? don't worry--i'll take care of that. it'll be everyday!

there is a fine delicacy in the art of making brownies. you intense bakers my cringe at this, but yes, i prefer box brownies to scratch, so sue me? but if you put semi sweet chocolate chips on top, bake them 5 mins less than instructed, then they are absolutely heaven sent and absorbed in your mouth.
brownies should be fudgey--not cakey. there is a BIG difference. my brother seth, gave a 30 min lecture to his wife Tiffany about this (when they were dating), she still married him--bless her heart!

so. go eat a brownie. or two. because they are just basically the best thing ever.
especially when maceys has a special for 99cents. we're basically set for the next ten years.
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