Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Meredith!

Meredith--my friend, example, encourager, chum, pal, skyper, and most of all...my sister! I really lucked out, big time. Today, Feb. 1st in my sisters Birthday (25th to be exact).

She has red hair. Jealous? Always. Her dressing style is always the latest fashion--naturally. She has the best taste in food--cafe rio, chocolate covered almonds, seriously, who could say no to that? She entertainED (i saw "ed" because she moved to AZ for Bryan to go to med school in August. I was bummed. Provo's excitement dropped dramatically) me when I came to visit her in Provo--in the best of ways--eating a carton of ice cream (from the help of Bryan of course) with a redbox. She'd take me to the park, she took me to get my ID card (okay, so what if she did act like my mother bringing 2 kids in a stroller and walking to campus and all around campus with me, it was still fun :), She takes me rock climbing---enough said.

Basically, I love my sister alot.
Ever since I got a phone my sophomore year, I don't think there has been a day where i haven't texted or called her. Mark my words. #truesisterlove

Meredith, is one of a kind.
 She is always happy. She is always caring. She is always the one people love.
 She doesn't look a day older 21. (ask her for that story :)
And....she loves her kids and being a mom--which I absolutely adore. I sorta wish Meredith was a college student so i could live with her. It'd be a party and fun 24/7. And that'd mean I wouldn't have to send her picture messages anymore of outfits I try on and ask for her approval.

I don't quite remember when I became such good friends with meredith--but she is one of my best friends. And i'm so glad I can say that about all my sisters.

Meredith taught me piano--even when i was a punk. She drove me places. She helped me with my 6th grade roller-coaster project. She textes me when no else does. She helped me move into my first college dorm. She fed me meals when I ate cereal too much. She sends me money in the mail for my cheerio fund--what else could you want?

Thanks mere for your example as a mother, sister, friend, and member of the gospel. You inspire me more and more and I AM SO GLAD YOU WERE BORN. You make me so happy to have as a sister.

Love you,


  1. Seriously. Mere is the bomb.com. Love her!

  2. This is so sweet...I can tell you, meredith and Julia have a special younger sista bond...I think that's so great. Oh, and she does dress well. I wish I looked as cute as she did!

  3. Wow! I can't even tell you how much this meant to me! You are so good to me. Thanks for making my birthday the best!

  4. You just made me really want an older sister! And if Meredith could be her, that would be fine. She's adorable.

  5. ...And yes, totally jealous of the red hair.


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