Wednesday, January 25, 2012

happy 37th mom and dad

I'll be frank. I have the best parents ever.
So lets just face the fact here.
I love them--and what I love even more is that they just celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary last week, and they are in even more love now then they were 37 years ago.

Because I am in a "Successful Marriages and Families" class it forces me to reflect on my parents and how they raised me and taught me--and I can only think of happy memories or feelings of love and gratitude towards them. They taught me the gospel--and thats all I ever needed.
But, because they were just the best parents they threw in....piano lessons, violin lessons, basketball, volleyball, and track fees, etc. and thats just the beginning.

Thanks Mom & Dad.
I am so glad you chose to live righteously, to be married and sealed in the Temple, and that I can be your daughter forever. I love you more and more each day.


As my gift to my parents--I needed the help from my siblings--because of them, this project really became what I wanted it to be. I asked them to write fond memories they had of mom & dad growing up. In all, there were over 50 memories written (28 pages, 7,358 characters, and 10,884 words of truth, memories, love, and beauty). Thank you siblings for your effort--I appreciated it! We filled 37 envelopes with about 3-5 memories and it was am absolute thrill to read everyones memories as it was on google docs. Julia and I called each other at midnight one night as we were both on reading the google docs balling because we couldn't contain how grateful we were for mom and dad.

Mom & Dad--
Words can't express how much we love you. And I feel I am failing for the right words to say--so, all i can say is Thank You.

Love you forever.

One Memory for histories sake:

Emily, 19:
My last three years of high school were entirely different than any other year of school. I was finally an only child. It most definitely had its pro’s and con’s but, when I look back, I actually really enjoyed it. Mom & Dad became my best friends, although I probably wouldn’t have told them that face to face. Occasionally on Friday nights, they would entice me by telling me that they would “pay me” money to go to Football games or go hang out with friends. But, I would always decline. The most fun I had were always hanging out with mom & dad. I remember they were going on a Friday night date to a Mexican restaurant. It was the end of my senior year and I asked them if I could go with them. Being the gracious and ever loving parents that they are, they accepted, even despite their disagreement. I went, and had the best time. It was nothing extraordinary. It was original, but delightful. I just realized how grateful I was theirs, because being with them were the highlights of high school.


  1. You are so sweet, Emily! We should be thanking you for being so good and living and loving the Gospel. We have LOVED reading these memories! Thank you so much for this cherished gift.


  2. That is SO awesome! What a great gift for them! I remember your senior year, going with your parents to the temple to hang out in the foyer, while they did a session. You would rather do that than hang out with your friends. You are just too sweet... or really weird:) You know I'm totally kidding about that last bit, right?

    1. always! how could i ever get mad at you...seroiusly--impossible. you're one of my most favorite people!


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