Monday, January 23, 2012


Okay, so this post really should be titled, "emily is a freak-of-sorts" but we just are going to let it be--and call it fluffy, for no reason at all.

Sometimes I feel people should be worried for me in life. And thats not an exaggeration if you were thinking it was.

Scenario 1.
Its a Saturday night in Provo, UT (a college town--better than Rexburg :), and Emily--a young girl and movie classic dramas enthusiast could be doing the following.

a. going on a date with one of the new 16 boys in her ward (10 of them are RM...ooohla la)
b. running in the snow. (an unfamiliar medium of weather for a native oregonian)
c. dancing to the jams at the tri-area (Wyview, Heritage, Heleman) 90's dance.
d. laying on the floor with no food for dinner doing math homework.

If you used both of your life lines and you can't decide your final answer, let me help you out. Its the big fat whoppin' D. (you're not surprised? neither am i. darn.)

i know it doesn't look like a ton--but because of the rain that came before its not really sticking. 

So basically I have decided to hibernate myself in my apartment in the midst of this winter for multiple reasons. like the fact that I am enjoying being anti-social, or i see this white blanket cover everything in sight---and just the thought of me getting cold and wet doesn't quite strick my fancy like it did when i was younger....when I basically peed my snowsuit for the chance to play in the snow.
now, i just hold my hot chocolate cup like it is gold and my soul mate.

in other news...
      --I got a second calling as Ward Organist in my ward. (no one, including myself knows why)

      --Its the third week of classes, yet today I still managed to walk into some class, sit down, look around, realizing I wasn't in the right class, got up and left. #socool

      --gem and i actually did something social. we invited 3 guys over for a sunday dinner. this was a big deal. in other words, gemma and i are actually going to try to make an effort to meet people. #beproud

     --I went to the housing fair and felt like a kid on halloween. got 3 byu shirts and too much candy.

     --I organized a small temple trip saturday morning at 7:30am. four girls came--even though the whole relief society was invited and i fed them a french toast breakfast at my apt. afterwards. it was actually quite fun, and we all decided to make it a tradition for every saturday from now on. there wasn't a better way to start my day.

    --I was interviewed today to be a BYU sports camp counselor in the summer #fingerscrossed

    --my 17 year old cousin is tutoring in college algebra. its doing wonders to my self esteem

    --julie b. beck came and spoke at devotional last week, and i got to sit by Crismon, Danielle, Lynette, Becca Smith and her roommate. did i ever tell you how lucky i am?

   --i've decided to minor in family and marriage studies.(okay so i don't know the official title, who cares)

  --the sister missionaries called me and asked me to go on splits with them, which to be called and asked to do such a thing is quite rare in provo. I put my name on the list back in June. But they quickly turned me down when they realized I didn't have a car. (hint hint mom!)

  --gemma and I have an apple orchard right in front of our apt. complex and so she went over and bought a 20 lb box of apples for $6. heaven. heaven. heaven. they taste like golden candy. #applecrispforlife

well I hope you've had an exciting week.
if i have any tragic experiences of slipping on ice or such...i'll be sure to let you know first.
ciao bella. 


  1. I learned a lot of new things! I like your new major. Just checking to see if you're serious. Good for you for inviting the RS and then boys over for breakfast and dinner. That's a great way to get acquainted. Hope you don't have too many more of those boring Fri. nights. I am so proud of you. You're doing great things.

  2. I love how mom never mentioned anything about a car in her comment! haha! Nice try bubs! I love your hot chocolate cup! I would drink hot chocolate all the time just to show off that cup!


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