Wednesday, December 28, 2011

december lights: Crismon & Danielle's Wedding

you'd probably all shoot me if i posted all the christmas break pictures at once. 
so i'll spare you---or me--and divide this evenly. 

i officially finished my first fall semester at byu. with transferred credits, and summer term credits, and now fall credits, i'm officially a sophomore. which--after talking to my IB friends and such, isn't really saying much. but...oh well.

I had to finish all my finals Wednesday night, since on Thursday the Johns, Crismon & Danielle and I would drive to Las Vegas for their wedding on Friday.

Crismon and Danielle were married in the "Elvis Chapel of Love"...wait, scratch that, the LDS Las Vegas Temple. It was a beautiful day--the bride and groom were perfect in every way, and it was such a special day to honor them in their righteous lives to be married in the Temple for Time and Eternity. I feel i am finally able to appreciate my siblings weddings--i've more gone through the motions for the previous 6, but this one was inspiring and uplifting to reinforce my deep desire to be married and sealed in the Temple someday.

i marvel at the outpouring of love and support from the family. It was so neat to have all 9 siblings together again--something that hasn't happened in years.
Seth, Alice-Anne, Vivienne, Ondalynn, Dad, Mom, Crismon, Danielle (SIL), Emily, Julia, Meredith, Dallin. 

The wedding was beautiful, and the reception was the same.
gorgeous country club
a table dedicated to candy....BRILLIANT!
my first bridesmaid bouquet (after 10 years!)  yes! :)

a table dedicate to cake...these people know how to do weddings!

now i see the family resemblance :)

mark my words, these are three of my most favorite people.

it was a crazy, hectic, but wonderful 3 days in Vegas. Can't say I loved the city that much--but it was an experience i won't forget. I mean, how can you forget that ghetto hotel.....

more to come!

pictures stolen shamelessly from my sister Vivienne's iphone.


  1. I LOVE the picture of all of you together! How funny is it that I can name all your sisters, even without meeting all of them, but the only brother I know and can name by sight is Crismon!

    Danielle is beautiful! The reception was... AMAZING!!!! WOW! And seriously? You never saw the family resemblance before now? And one more thought... Your mom is gorgeous! Especially in that last picture with her big, genuine smile!


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