Wednesday, November 30, 2011

do you know what.

do you know what...

the best form of procrastination of homework is making cookies, trying to take a nap, deep cleaning your bedroom and bathroom for 2.5 hours (you better believe my room is now immaculate) and sit at the computer pretending to do your work.

what is my deal?

in other news....
i'm pretty sure my roommate and I have an extremely unhealthy obsession with shoes. and i am quite certain this photo doesn't give it justice either. i don't even want to think of packing these babies up. someone shoot me now.

and...emily is no longer employed (for winter semester that is) at the MTC. oh darn. well there goes my green. once again, if you so desire to donate to the Emily Needs Money Foundation, i'd be more than happy to accept. Thats okay, i have big plans for where i'd like to be employed come Spring/Summer terms. (i can't believe that i'm accepting the fact that i'll be going to school year round for the next 3 years. someone shoot me again. oh well, i'm sure its better that way.)

....met danell, our apt. fish. okay, its actually gemma's, but Thursday is my assigned feeding day, so i feel part-parentship of this gem. he's technically an illegal immigrant in our apt. but thats okay, we love him no matter what. our RA came yesterday to check our smoke detectors and we failed to hide Danell before she came in, so in the midst of her doing so, we wrapped a dish towel around his bowl and stuck him in a cupboard. we just love Danell too much to give him up. And gemma has big plans for his birthday...perhaps buying him a castle or pretty rocks. be jeal.

and...lastly. 5 days until the big 1-9. when people ask me my age, i'm guilty of responding, "almost 20." and then they ask, "when do you turn 20?" and then i'll hesitate, slightly blush and respond, "after i turn 19." but low and behold friends, i can officially respond "almost 20" and it won't be considered a lie. I got to celebrate my birthday at home with the fam over thanksgiving break and i got exactly what I wanted! the book, "Teachings of President Thomas S. Monson" I'm so excited to really study it over Christmas break.

farewell my friends.
i have an art history paper due in 18 hours, and i haven't even started. no, i take that back, I haven't even looked at the prompt, or opened my textbook or notes....heres to no sleep tonight!

peace out, homeskillet.


  1. so are getting another job in the winter or not? I'm so excited for you to be 19 so you can tell people you're almost 20 without feeling guilty! Ha!

  2. Hahahah. Loved the fish story! You crack me up. Yay for birthdays. But let's be honest, you are going to start saying, I'm almost 21 now


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