Wednesday, October 5, 2011

this one is for my mother

 warning: before looking at pictures below, you best be in a good health condition or serious side affects can occur. 
 mother, if you haven't gone into cardiac-arrest at the sight of this atrocious room, i commend you. don't fret, cleaning checks are on monday, so i will clean it....eventually.
 mother, this has been the majority of my caloric intake for the past 3 days. did i mention i paid $6 for the large back of childhood-memory cereal? eating the first bowl was like tasting christmas all over again, for the past nineteen years of my life.
 You may question if this was....
Ridiculous? Naturally. Economically Sound? Perhaps not. Healthy? Lets not even go there.
Delicious? Of course. Worth it? Most definitely. 
and mother, this is what my hair can do a big mess. i'm afraid i'm going to go on a archaeological dig for random items i've been losing lately. oh, like my house key, every single day
(some may never look at me the same after this picture....)
lastly mother (and all of you), i'd smile like this if you sent me something in the mail. believe me there is nothing more depressing then opening your mail box only to be given ads for things you can't afford to buy. shout out to the best sister award--meredith. you know how to win my heart----money to buy cereal! thanks for literally feeding my cereal obsession. I know we must be sisters.

oh and why you all go pretend to play house with children and changing diapers, i'm going to go attempt to read my 13974 pages of hw, and too many essays, and tests to study for.

did i mention that Provo rained (and still is raining) today. i attest that rain is the perfect cure for homesickness, probably because i am still such an Oregonian at heart. #lovemyorgin


  1. Okay, we'll send you money, but only if you clean your room first. Oh, and the cereal has to be organic. :)

  2. hahahaha! I can totally see you in the cereal isle talking to yourself and justifying your decision to buy captn crunch!
    So what does your roommate think of your side of the room?

  3. meredith does win the best sister award often in my book. she is always so thoughtful. Love that girl. what happened to your "I will clean my room" motto or whatever???


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