Thursday, September 15, 2011


Its 8:28 am, i have class at 10am, and i'm sitting here, still in my jams. (thats pajamas for you non-so-clever-at-emily-lingo). i'm not worried. i just ate my ritual breakfast of buttermilk pancakes. it was probably my 30th time having it...which is alot considering i've only been in college for about three weeks. "you are not making pancakes again are you..." my roommate commented as she noticed i began liting the stove. yeah, well she's just jealous she doesn't have a 3LB bag of prepared pancake mix in her cupboard. today, i'm crossing my fingers hoping i won't see anyone i know since its going to be one of those know just by the words "one of those days..." its going to be self-absorb post. pardon me for that.
Lets see. What've I learned this week.

-Drink straight from the milk carton. yes, when you have no dishwasher, it means one less dish to wash. 
-assigned readings done after class are much more effective
-accept to go on dates 2 times in a week if it means free food. (i'm horrible, i know.)
-my skirt/curled hair theory was disproven this week. unfortunately. 
-keep deoderant with you at all times. in all things. and in all places. completely necessary for a clogging student. or...just me.
-i have become the pro at jaywalking. seriously. college teachings you to be the champion of that. 
-living at Wyview is fine. but, walking pasting by the stadium everyday, sorry jules, but the novelty is dying....real quick.

okay. ciao readers. i have a class. i have to walk for half and hour. and i don't want to fail.



  1. I love your tip on deodorant. So are you guys so pumped for the game? First home game and it's against Utah!! Heck yeah!

  2. did you put that little graphic together? i really like it, especially the 'shout'.


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