Monday, July 4, 2011

i'm a big kid.

a) i went clubbing. *
b) we made dinner for 17 people
c) i took my first college test. lets just say it was far far far below 100%
d) its the first holiday to celebrate in provo, and i'm throwing a small party
e) i bought a pretty spiffy water bottle
f) was asked on a date at Ward Prayer
g) i'm probably eating more desserts than anything else 

 the sign of the 4th of July in Provo! I took these for my Photography class

 and we like to test the max weight limit of our couch

 we may have broken the fire hazard code for the number of people in our kitchen at one time...but who cares.

and the two boys that asked my roommate and i on dates.

i just thought i needed to document my new love affair. isn't she a beauty. i'm not going to tell you how much it cost, because, its a senstitive subject. but, just sit and admire her.

*not to worry, it was an LDS Singles Night--so no bad stuff happened. don't worry.


  1. These are great pictures. I'm so sad I'm away from Provo because I feel so out of the loop. I want to hear about your date.

  2. I LOVE your hot air balloon pics! What an awesome 4th of July!! I also love that you went clubbing and aren't too uptight to have a drink once in a while.


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