Monday, July 11, 2011

all you really need to know

 allll you need to know is that i went tandem biking. and we had about 5 near death experiences in the course of an hour. but it was the best bike riding i've ever done. Even better. BJ and I competed in the water balloon throwing contest put on by BYU (they had activities going on before they played UP--the movie on the lawn by the SWKT), and.....WE WON! So we both got free shirts and a free bowling pass. WOOT WOOT. and we had some amazing shaved ice too. And even better, we had a picnic in the lobby of wells (not so romantic--phew) and we ate copious amounts of oreos with PB, and chocolate milk. So, it was pretty fantastic to say the least.


  1. What a fun date! Is his real name BJ because I keep thinking of Baby Julia so that needs to change if you guys get married.

  2. OK! That looked like the funnest date ever!!!! I'm glad you've been taking pictures on all your dates. That makes it fun for the rest of us!


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