Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ode to meredith



Happy 24th Birthday! I still can't believe you are expecting your second child. I feel like you should still be in high school and all I hear is your piano practicing day & night. Thank you for being such a fantastic sister to me. I have learned so much from you, anything from the gospel, life, happiness, boys, make-up, hair, hygiene, fashion, cooking, excercise, massage theraphy, babies, music, movies, books, everything! I love being around you because you are so happy & kind, you never fail to serve anyone (especially me!) Thanks for letting me always bum in your tinnnny apt. in provo and always taking care of me and entertaining me and taking me to cafe rio. I can't thank you enough for being such a wonderful sister, and taking me to Rock Canyon and letting me rock climb daily, or letting me take a nap up there too :).  I'll always remember you helping me through my schooling years. A) You showed me how to use Google for the very first time when I was researching "african elephants" in 3rd  grade. B) You stayed up with me until 3 AM building a roller coaster project in 6th Grade for my Workshop class. C) You braided my hair at 6 AM on your non-school day so that I could have braids for school that day. D) You gave me piano lessons (and that was no easy feat). E) You let me hang out with your friends in high school, that is truly admirable (considering my level of low maturity and very pecuilar behavior). F) You STILL talk/text/skype with me daily. Even for hours sometimes. THANK YOU. I think i've stayed sane with your help! Heck, we probably even communicate telapathatically too! :) G) You ALWAYS let me borrow your clothes (not for long though you are getting too dang skinny). H) You were always supportive of me, like when you came to my violin recital the day you ran your 1/2 marathon! And you're going to come for my graduation....right :)  I) lastly, I remember you always would try on outfits for me to approve (not that i had any fashionable taste back than) but that always made me sooooo happy. 

Thanks for being the best sister meredith! I am so glad you are my sister, and I love the memories we have as a family together. 

Happy Birthday!
{THANK THE HEAVENS (alabama accent of course!}


p.s. and thanks mere, for always being my #1 commenter on the blog. you may be the only to actually read this thank you :)


  1. Awwww! So sweet! Sorry I didn't have a chance to dedicate a post to you, but I love you too, Meredith! I love the pics.

  2. Amen to what Emily said! Love you Mere!

  3. I taught you to use Google for the first time? I didn't know that! hahahaha!
    Thanks so much bubs! I LOVED reading it! You always keep me entertained. I'm sad I now have a ghetto phone that doesn't receive pictures because what am I going to do when you go shopping and can't send me pictures of your new outfits?? I'm deeply sad.....seriously!

  4. cute blog! thanks for your sweet comment! glad to find you and your blog! yes, portland is fabulous!

  5. very touching....and great pictures!!

  6. That is so sweet! Though she is obviously not the only one who reads this blog! Meredith is an amazing sister, and I hope she had an amazing birthday.


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