Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my parents are going to the bahamas

{this isn't the exact ship....but you get th idea.}

My Mom & Dad are going to the Bahamas....
even better, they are ridin' in style on the brand spankin' new DISNEY CRUISE.
{it's being Christianed tomorrow}

are you so jealous?
so am i. 
I will fly out the next day for D.C. though, so that make things a bit better.

They will be apart of a group of 40 Reliv Distrubitors, who recieved the most volume in the Nation. 
Momsie and Popsie were #15!!! Can i get a woot woot! 

okay, bring me back something cool for me....and enjoy the Vitamin D.

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  1. Ems--I love how you're always calling them Momsie and Popsie. You're blogs of hilarious by the way. I know I haven't commented before. That's because I just discovered your blog a few days ago. (Sorry...what can I say?) Anyhow, we're sooo excited you're coming to Maryland soon!! What a PAR-TAY! Maybe if you're lucky you'll be here in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival!! Now that is something else. Just ask Meredith. She couldn't get enough of the CBF. :) Well, take care and eat some chocolate for me. Love ya!


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