Thursday, December 9, 2010

hurry home

its so nice to think that mom is coming home today!
a. because we still have a load of laundry that hasn't been washed since thanksgiving.
b. our refrigerator smells. bad. and we can't figure out what it is. moms know it won't take her long to find it.
c. although i promised mom i would actually try my hand at cooking. i didn't. surprise, surprise. so if you are still confused, no we never did have a real meal these last two weeks she was here.
d. our house looked nice for maybe the three hours today before she gets home.....yeah, thats how it goes.
e. i'm finally going to have a lunch again! everyday this week, ive either packed a sandwich with moldy bread, or yogurt without a spoon. or a tv dinner with no fork. or no water bottles. or just an empty brown bag. yesh, my life is sad.
f. i'll actually have someone to talk to!

so yay...shout out for moms!


  1. You can't pack a lunch?? Does mom remind you to put in a spoon? Pathetic.....

  2. are you going to pack Mom with you to college?? you're in trouble...


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