Saturday, December 4, 2010

baby, its cold outside

so due to popular demand...i am posting snoball 2010 "baby, its cold outside" pictures. (i know what you are lame can our themes get--however, i admit, i love the song. :)
sadly, this was the first year that i didn't make my formal dress.


James "Chummy" Ricker--Emily Lewis

three very fine looking ladies. your royal highness...ALLIE, snoball QUEEN! (how awesome is that!?  And Julie (other BFF) :) 

I think one of my most favorite pictures of the night. Ariana is one of a kind!

Don't you love high school?

So i officailly have the most beauutiful FRIENDS, SISTERS!

I really didn't think I was going to be engaged by 18....but you know...I am MORMON.
And after all, his mom has been planing our wedding while we were still in the i am pretty sure have her blessing :)


BEST BIRTHDAY CAKE, compliments to Macaroni Grill

Lastly, we like to ride in style. Yes, its real classy--compliments to me! We rode in the Birthday-Mobile!

So---comment! Because I actually posted it!


  1. YAY!! THanks for putting these up for me! You look so beautiful. And I love that dress. I love that you can wear it more than just one night. It's so cute! And way to be modest...Don't you love how the theme is "Baby, it's cold outside" but everyones dress looks like it would be worn in 100 degree weather :) But you look the hottest.

  2. Happy Birthday,Ems! And you look beautiful...LOVE the shoes. Although, that ring does not fit your skinny finger.

  3. you MADE all your other formal dresses?! you crazy (and by that I mean awesome) girl. plus you look HOT.


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