Friday, November 5, 2010

post Halloween

Don't you carve a pumpkin 3 hours before Halloween? Yes, I was lucky enough to even get one because there was only 10 left at the store.
So this is how I spent my Halloween weekend.

FALL FESTIVITES at the Church. (major disappiontment...NO SCONES. And this year they actually did a "trunk or treat" instead of games and activities. I went in the most comfortable things possible. Scrubs. (Above: Emma Jensen.)

No that is no robot, or TV, that would be a poisinous box jelly fish. 
And the harry potter, even with the glasses.

Miss Lily went as Hermonie. I told her to marry my nephew Jackson becuase both of them have been obsessed with Harry Potter (ie they've both read up the 6 book in about 3 months.) Even better, Jackson went as Ron for i think its meant to be!

 And this how you do homework and get ready for work in a matter of 20 minutes. 
Yay for World War 1. 


  1. Where are the pictures of you and my kids? I thought you hung out with them that weekend? :)

  2. You are so beautiful in all your pictures! I just noticed how you date your post. It trips me up!

  3. Hey i recognize that history book, good ole IB history.


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