Tuesday, November 23, 2010

alittle less-"spiritual" family scripture study

on this slighty snowy evening we sit down at the table for a short scripture study.
and of all scripture studies taken part in the Lewis Home, this had to be on the less spiritual side of them.

long story short....we started talking about a young man in Dad's ward who was studying the funeral directory department...and I was like "who would possibly want to go to into that field?"

Mom: "well, I guess you never have to worry about going out of business."
Emily: Shrugging my shoulders..."yeah, I guess...I mean, 10 out of 10 people die."
(insert mom, dad and emily laughing)
Julia: "wait die from what?"
I had to leave the table I was laughing so hard.

We breathe a few times to calm ourselves down and julia still comments..."i don't get it." (more laughing).
Oh it was great evening.
And probably the most entertaining scripture study we've ever had and ever will have.
You just had to be there....


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  1. Ok thanks for making me look like the dumb one in t his post but I was totally not part of the conversation until the middle of it so there!


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