Tuesday, November 16, 2010

 after 2 long hours i finally counted about 20lbs of change from GHS Key Club's Trick of Treat for UNICEF.

RAINY oregon....= need to make pumpkin chocolate heavenly cookies
so i did just that. And let me tell you....they were good.

Did i ever tell you few blog readers....that I have another job, rounding that to a whoppin' 3 jobs!
1. Heidi's 2. Gleukos 3. Babysitting weekly

My bishop is the founder and CEO of gleukos the all natural sports drink. It taste pretty good....but not y overall choice of beverage. :) He is having me fold 150+ boxes and glue foam in them and then ship them to various buyers (ie Whole Foods, WinCo, etc). And the thing i love about it....its my best excuse to watch movies or listen to music. So far i've watched the Music Man, Holiday Inn (twice) and White Christmas (twice :).

so why my 5 day weekend was so wonderful...includes this beautiful shirt I got from Plato's closet for $8 bucks! Plato's Closet never fails me!

AND.....I made the ultimate pumpkin waffles. (sure i did add a few chocolate chips in there so it was pretty much like the cookie :) I think dad is officially sick of anything PUMPKIN.Did you know there is even a pumpkin waffles blog? but i love it! 

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